Another day of this so called life.

Lyrical Image #3 (war)

I’m at war with the girl in the mirror.
Can no longer win this fight.
I try to think things through
But it’ll exceed through the night.
Left with frustration..
Feels like suffocation..
You and I,
Bleed through similar pain..
Emotions rushing in our veins.
We can only hope for a better tomorrow…
Though this life’s full of sorrow.
I look back and she’s gone…
I don’t recognize..


I’m angry for many reasons. How he took me for granted, for the mean things he’s ever said, for what he did to me… And yet I miss him.

Kuv xav txog kuv lub neej ua rau kuv quaj. Xav txog thaum kuv tseem yob menyuam yaus tsis paub dabtsi los txog rau tamsi nov es cas kuv yuav tsis zoo siab li. Niam thiab txiv los tsis zoo lis luag. Yus tsis hlub yus tus kheej los cas yus paub hlub neeg sab ntauv? Los yus yeej tsis paub?

Lyrical image #2 (Love hurts)

Give me another shot..
Rum, whiskey, whatever you got..
Cause uhh Mister bartender..
I need enough to not remember.
How love can be so cold..
Everything gone nothin’ to hold..
Onto to.. the next chapter of life..
God give me strength..
to handle this pain… This strife.
When you walked away..
And I needed you to stay.
Now the tears are endless..
So how do I comprehend this..
Fight the battle at all cost..
But the war with myself has lost…
No one hurts like you do…
I gave all my heart and soul to you…
Why’s your heart so cruel?..
Cause I ain’t nothin’ but your fool..


I’m in love with the most funniest man. Who makes me laugh at the stupidest things. Has never insulted me. Reasonably understanding. I can tell almost anything to. Has this laugh that makes me happy to hear. The only man who’s ever wiped away my tears. The last man I’ve kissed. The only man I’ve ever seen myself with. The only man I’ve ever wanted to bad. The only man I’d ever let scold me. Or raise his voice. And yet… He doesn’t want me.

Lyrical image.

I’m feeling….lyrical.
Spittin’ rhyme again,
It’s a miracle.
See me flow, I’m hot as fire.
And it’s my….deep desire.
Cause i’m king dragon.
Too long, I been laggin’..
Always been on top.
Once I start, I can’t stop.
Bitches can’t fade me.
Niggas can’t play me.
I’m the realist, like Slim Shady.
Only difference is I’m a lady.

A disappointing thought.

You would think that people set boundaries when it comes to relationships/friendships.
A “guy friend” who claims to be close to me asked my sister out behind my back knowing I disapprove of him liking her or even being with her. There’s a million girls out there and he chooses my sister. Wtf is wrong with the picture? Well knowing how he is… Mister “hot shot” player. Like really? Sorry but my little sister is not getting with you. Not only do I think she’s too good for you but you tried to get with her friend. Her friend may have pushed you away but that doesn’t mean you move on to my sister. How disrespectful for him to even do this?! Smfh*